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How is Care Paid For
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How Is Care Paid For?

Our services can be paid for in various ways. Clients can pay privately or it may be the case that funding is received through the local authority or a direct payment scheme. Whichever category you or your loved one falls into, we have a lot of experience in meeting the needs of everyone.

We know funding can be a confusing area, so to make your understanding easier, have a quick read through our explanations below. We hope you will find these useful.

Local Authority Funding

The cost of care is paid for by the local authority direct to your care provider. The level of funding is identified through an assessment usually carried out by a Social Worker or Care Manager. Your care provider will most likely receive a referral from the local council detailing information about the client and their needs. In agreeing to assist, the care provider will then visit the client in their own home to discuss further what is required and when care will commence.

Direct Payment Funding

Many local authorities are now promoting direct payment schemes. The first part of this process is identical to the local authority funding. An assessment will be completed by a Social Worker or Care Manager. After being assessed, the local authority will pay the money for your care directly to the client or third party. Ultimately, this means that the client can choose which care company provides the service. Clients receiving direct payments will be invoiced on a weekly basis.

Private Funding

The client will be paying for their own care and therefore can decide on which care provider they would like to use. Private clients will be invoiced on a weekly basis.

Availl can assist you in identifying the most suitable way to fund your care... if you have any questions please pick up the phone and contact us for advice. ☺